Gregg Allman

Vocals, guitar, and keyboard

Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer, the late GREGG ALLMAN (December 8, 1947 – May 27, 2017) was both a founding member of one of the biggest and most important American bands of all time, the Allman Brothers Band, and a critically acclaimed solo talent. A natural artist gifted with a beautifully soulful and distinctive voice as well as brilliant keyboard and guitar expertise, Allman was a legendary performer who, more than 45 years down the road, loved making music more than anything to the end.

At the start of his enduring career, Gregg Allman and his brother Duane put together a number of different groups, including their very first professional ones, The Allman Joys and The Hour Glass. Whatever the configuration, Gregg’s powerful lead vocals, emerging songwriting and keyboard prowess perfectly complemented Duane’s legendary guitar virtuosity. In 1969, their brotherhood made history with the formation of the massively influential act that both kick-started the entire genre of Southern Rock and defined an era of ‘70s rock ‘n roll with its freewheeling yet musically masterful sound, The Allman Brothers Band.

The band’s unique amalgam of rock, blues, country and even jazz flourishes expanded the boundaries of rock music and their signature, extended onstage jamming set new standards for live concert performance. In addition to his singing and playing, Gregg wrote many of their most memorable signature hits, including the classics “Whipping Post” and “Dreams” from their self-titled debut album, “Midnight Rider” and “Please Call Home” from their second LP, Idlewild South and “Melissa” from 1972’s Eat A Peach.

Obviously, there’s a major difference for Gregg between his solo endeavors and the Allman Brothers Band efforts. “There’s only one cook in the kitchen,” he said, “only one chef. I let the soloists do their thing – you’ve gotta let a man do a solo the way he wants – but as far as picking the tunes and working on the arrangements, I take full responsibility for it.”

Gregg Allman was a survivor; having weathered many tragedies in life–as well as the occasional pitfalls and detours of a full-tilt rock ‘n roll lifestyle–he’s continued to grow both personally and musically. Having searched for blissful simplicity in life as in art, Gregg Allman lived peacefully in Georgia with his dogs, a home studio and several “cherry” Harley Davidson motorcycles. Simple as that.