Capturing The Musical Moments Of Gregg Allman

Photographer Spotlight: Ian Rawn

Ian Rawn is a concert photographer that has photographed Gregg many times over the past decade.

Wanee Festival 2013

Ian Rawn doesn’t just have a passion for photography, he has a passion for capturing the image of a musical moment.  Soon after deciding to take on concert photography professionally in 2006, Ian became a staff photographer for a handful of music magazines including The Allman Brothers Band Hittin’ The Note.  By 2007, Ian was traveling across the country capturing bands and the unique locations where they performed.   He always felt the honor of participating in the music of his idols; Carlos Santana, BB King, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton and Gregg Allman.  Music festivals became staples on his calendar with the Wanee Festival sacred ground known for inspired collaborations with Allman family musicians.

Seven years after shooting Gregg for the first time, at Chastain Amphitheater in Atlanta, Ga, Ian was hired to take photographs for Gregg’s Back To Macon live DVD/CD release.  Over two days, Ian worked with Gregg and his band capturing moments around Macon, GA including the H&H restaurant1842 Inn, Rose Hill Cemetery and one massive live performance at one of Ian’s favorite venues to shoot in, the Macon Grand Opera House.  “I have met Gregg on a few occasions and by far my favorite was the day at the 1842 Inn.  The prior occasions were after performances where there were several other distractions at the time.

1842 Inn / Macon, GA

The Inn was an extremely relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity for Gregg to let his guard down. He was very modest, showed appreciation for my craft and was more than willing to joke around with us.”   Ian’s photography is also featured in the packaging of Gregg’s 2014 critically acclaimed live DVD/CD release All My Friends.

Ian truly feels at home in a crowded venue, with a cheering crowd, and a band giving it there all.  “Shooting live music, is an incomparable experience where you almost become one with the music, the fans, and your camera. Your brain is working on so many different levels.  On one hand you are taking in the music and all the things going on around you but you are also wrapped up thinking about how to capture all of this, do you have the right lens, the correct settings, the best angle?  I love trying to capture musicians at the peak of their performance, that moment of synergy and pure joy.”

See below for a gallery of photos of Gregg from over the years that Ian shared with us.  See more of Ian Rawn’s work on his website,  Follow Ian on Facebook and Instagram to see all of the incredible music moments he shares.

Ian Rawn lives in Atlanta, GA with his family where his ‘day job’ is as an IT manager.